Two Sided Foot Scrubber: Pumice Stone Smoother & Bristle Brush Foot Exfoliator

  • $ 7.95

This unique foot scrubber consists of two sides: one side has a natural pumice stone designed to smooth out calluses, dry and dead skin, and the other side has a firm bristle brush to exfoliate your feet. Daily use will  exfoliate the skin and promote skin renewal. Eventually, you will notice smoother dry heels, less bunions, corns and calluses. It is also a great massager and aid in relieving stress on the foot and heels.

This foot scrubber is made out of plastic and can be used in the shower, sauna and professional settings.

  • Pumice stone smoother
  • Moderate bristle brush 
  • Callus and Corn Remover
  • Foot Massager
  • Dry Heels and  Dead Skin Remover

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