Stylish Velvet On-The-Go Makeup and Jewelry Bag - 3 Pack of Assorted Colors (Black, Rose, Silver)

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Make everything more easily accessible when you?re on-the-go. Preserve your beauty products and organize jewelry to keep it tarnish and tangle free. These 6x9 reusable Velvet Bags feature a ribbon-pull closure to keep items secure while eliminating unwanted spills in your purse or travel bag. Use them for carrying pills, pens, mints, and chewing gum, or as a Discreet Feminine Hygiene Bag - for when your pockets are too small and your purse is too obvious.

  • Each order includes 1 Black, 1 Rose, and 1 Silver Velvet Bag
  • 6x9 reusable, compact and convenient storage for all your needs
  • These luxuriously soft Velvet Bags secure your makeup, jewelry, pens, mints, pills etc. with a matching ribbon-pull closure and have a slight stretch to allow for maximum use
  • Can also be used as a Discreet Feminine Hygiene Pouch
  • 100% Polyester

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