Professional Large Makeup Cosmetic Brush Cleaner Sponge for Eyeshadow, Blush, Foundation Powder Color Removal Quick Switch - 8 oz Silver Screwtop Tin, Favorite for MUA's, bloggers, makeup aficionados

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Includes Makeup Brush Cleaning Sponge Tin in a Large 8 oz Silver Screwtop Tin. 

  • Use the same brush to quickly switch from powder foundation, to blush, to eyeshadow with this color removing sponge
  • Simple to use: Gently glide your makeup brush over the black sponge 2-5 times to quickly remove powder pigment residue from the brush. Voila! Color is gone and your brush is ready to use again! No more waiting for brushes to dry from traditional liquid brush cleaners
  • Secure 8 oz silver tin with a screwtop lid, this sponge is perfect for travel without having to bring along a separate make up brush cleaner and risk leaks and spills in your bag
  • The color removing sponge is easily removable and re useable. Flip over the sponge to use the other side. When a deep clean is needed, just rinse and wash with soap and water. Wait for the sponge to completely dry before placing back into the tin.
  • Our Large Professional Size housed in our 8 oz silver screwtop tin, this 8 oz color removing sponge brush cleaner is a favorite for MUA's, bloggers, and makeup aficionados

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