Green Glass Boston Round Bottle with Black Phenolic Cap (12 Pack)

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  • An ideal option for housing corrosive chemicals and any product that needs an airtight closure, phenolic caps prevent air and moisture from entering the bottle due to their strength, durability and high heat temperature tolerance.
  • Refillable bottles are easy to clean, reuse, and recycle. Dishwasher safe (bottle only, hand wash closure separately).
  • These bottles are ideal for storing home cleaning, cooking and beauty products.
  • The thick plated green glass prevents damage and spoiling to oils and all light sensitive mixtures.
  • 1 oz / 30 ml Measurements: Height - 3.27" x Diameter - 1.30".
  • 2 oz / 60 ml Measurements: Height - 3.84" x Diameter - 1.50".

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