Deluxe Makeup Remover Cloth Towel - Chemical Free Makeup, Mascara, Eyeliner Remover and Skin Exfoliator (2 Pack: Black and Pink)

The JUVITUS makeup remover will remove makeup, mascara, and eyeliner the natural way – simply with water. Daily use will help skin become smoother and more refined. The unique triangular shape is designed to fit the entire surface area of your face.

  • Includes 2 makeup remover cloths, 13" on each side. Reusable and machine washable
  • Unique triangular shape designed to fit your entire face. No Chemicals, animal testing, BPA Free & Eco-Friendly
  • Will remove face and eye makeup, foundation, mascara, eye showdown, oils, dirt and more. Will clean your face and exfoliate your skin
  • Includes reusable TSA friendly bag to store your towels
  • Made of 100% Polyester, so it’s soft and gentle – yet sturdy
Directions: 1. Wash the towel prior to first use. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. 2. Once ready to use, completely wet towel with warm water. 3. Use gentle circular motions to remove makeup with shorter fiber side. 4. While skin and towel are still wet, flip towel to the longer fiber side and again use gentle circular motions to exfoliate your skin. 5. Rinse, wring out excess water and hang to dry. Wash towel on regular basis.

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