Airless Refillable Pump Bottle in Frosted Silver - .5 oz / 15 ml + Travel Bag

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  • $ 14.95

Refillable Frosted Silver Pump Bottle - Airless

Size - .5 oz / 15 ml

Keep your favorite products clean and travel ready with our refillable air tight half ounce pump bottle. Perfect to house your foundations, creams, lotions, cleansers and much more. Airless technology ensures you'll keep your products fresh and free from oxidation.

  • Includes Travel Bag
  • High quality double bottle design in molded acrylic plastic is durable, leak-proof, and shatterproof
  • Airless technology is superior in ensuring your products stay bacteria free and free from shade changing air
  • Withstands altitude changes without leaks- Perfect for traveling and portable size is FDA compliant
  • Refillable Airless Pump Bottles

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