Glass Wide Mouth Candle Clear Jar with Gold Metal Airtight Lid 25.5 oz (6 Pack)

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25.5 oz Clear Glass Jar with Gold Metal Lid. A perfect option for your canning and food preserving needs, the plastisol lined lid creates an airtight seal ensuring your foods won't spoil. Wide Mouth top makes filling and getting out your contents a breeze!

  • 25.5 oz Clear Glass Jar with Gold Metal Plastisol Lid
  • Gold Metal Plastisol Lined Lid creates an airtight seal, deep fitting lid is 15 mm high, taller than the average metal cap
  • Plastisol lined lid, when heated and cooled properly, offers a tamper evident and hermetic seal.
  • For your hot fill food products, these lids can withstand high heat temperatures up to 212 degrees
  • Perfect for canning, storing or preserving foods. Dishwasher safe.

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