Glass Boston Round Bottles with Silver Metal Screw On Cap (6 Pack)

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  • 8 oz / 240 MEASUREMENTS: Height - 5.49" x Diameter - 2.39". 
  • 16 oz Measurements: Height - 6.75" x Diameter - 2.94".
  • Set of upscale Boston Round Glass Bottles perfect for GIFTS or sample in aromatherapy, home, kitchen, bath, décor, gifts, wedding and resell. Refillable bottles with homemade liquid like syrup, vanilla, lemon or mouthwash
  • Kit use for oil blends (essential, carrier or both), serums, and storage industrial and laboratory chemicals & glass pipette dispenses exact ounce you want!
  • Pack bottles with it's lovely leakproof airtight matte silver metal screw cap lid is perfect for storing cleaning, cooking and beauty, decorative products.
  • REFILLABLE bottles are easy to clean, reusable, and recycle. Dishwasher safe (bottle only, hand wash closure separately) Also includes funnel for easy filling for optional use.

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