Frosted Glass Bottles and Jars

Jars and Bottles - Frosted

Frosted Jars and Bottles are a preference of many as they offer more UV protection than your standard clear colors. The frosted finish of the storage glass bottles helps block UV lighting along the with added protection from the color options. May come as frosted glass bottles with treatment pumps, lotion pumps, sprayers and more. Offered in Frosted Clear, Amber, and Cobalt Blue. For a more, luxurious finish, choose frosted color options.

Frosted Jar - Clear


  • UV protection. Perfect for DIY projects, lotions, and creams
  • Offers better protection than Clear Bottles
  • Pitted Surface Design (Frosted)
  • Available in Amber, Cobalt Blue, and Clear
  • UV Protection starting from best option.. Amber - Cobalt Blue - Clear
  • Many options in closures including frosted pumps and sprayer bottles