Large Powder Sifter Empty Refillable Cosmetic Makeup Jar (6 Pack) - 3 oz / 80 ml / 85 grams

SKU: 0P-91C6-7O56
  • $ 24.95

Includes 6- 3 oz / 80 ml Powder Sifter Jars. Our powder jars with removable sifters are perfect to bring your favorite powders, foundations, blushes with you on the go either for gym, travel, car, or work!

  • Includes 6 - 80 ml / 3 oz Frosted Empty Refillable Powder Cosmetic Polystyrene Jars with Smooth White Foam Lined Cap + Measuring Cup
  • Each Jar Measures: Height: 1.77 in Diameter: 2.52 in
  • Each jar includes a natural clear polypropylene sifter insert to dispense powder
  • Perfect to bring your favorite powders, foundations and blushes with you to the gym, work, travel, or home
  • Also includes a 1 oz Measuring Cup with indented markings to measure oz., ml, cc, tbs, or drams to assist in filling or even mixing your formulations to exact precision

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