Large Clear Thick Glass Straight Sided Jar with Gold Metal Overshell Lid - 16 oz / 480 ml + Spatulas and Labels

SKU: 603051925003
  • $ 15.95

  • Includes 16 oz C lear Glass Straight Sided Jars with gold metal over shell plastic foam lined lids + spatulas and labels for each jar for optional use
  • Glass is ideal for your favorite oil blends, scrubs, creams, or for home/kitchen and food use
  • Each jar has an upscale gold foam lined lid that ensures an airtight, smell proof, water tight seal to prevent any leaks or spills
  • Versatile jar has endless uses from homemade body creams, lotions, salves, serums, candles, small item storage, and more!
  • Thick plated high quality crystal clear glass jars are easy to clean, reuse, and recycle. Jar is Dishwasher Safe. Lid must be hand washed and dried immediately to preserve integrity and shape. 

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