Frosted Clear Glass Straight Sided Jar 3 - 2 oz and 3 - 4 oz (6 Pack) + Labels

SKU: 014181522664
  • $ 27.95

Includes 3 - 2 oz and 4 oz Frosted Clear Glass Straight Sided Jars and 6 labels. Frosted Clear Glass Straight Sided Jar with A fine slightly opaque frosted finish. Elegant and classic this jar is perfect for home, travel, your favorite or homemade beauty products and gifts.

  • Small Jar: height - 3.42". Small size spoon measures 0.5 gram, 0.5 ml, 0.02 oz
  • Clear frosted glass jars are an elegant decorative piece for your favorite products and items.
  • Versatile jar has endless uses from homemade body creams, lotions, salves, serums, candles, small item storage, and more!
  • High quality thick glassware. Perfect for travel, home, DIY products and gifts
Size: 2 oz; 4 oz

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