Complete Brow Kits (Brow prep quad in Compact)


La Bella Donna

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Color:Brunette Eyebrows are the closest we come to a facial signature. For those not graced with the best brows, or no brows La Bella Donna has created a Complete Brow Kit that will save you hours. The Kit comes in shades of Brunette, Blonde and Auburn. Within each Kit you have two shades of colour, most of you will use both, a pomade/wax, this is like a sealing wax, to keep the brow in place and a highlight cream to lift the brow bone and brighten the eye.

  • Includes light and dark powder formulas for filling in brows
  • Sealing wax prolongs color and keeps brows in place
  • Highlighting cream lifts the brow and widens the eye
  • Packaged in a slim, mirrored compact for on-the-go use
  • Perfect for those who struggle with maintaining their eyebrows

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