4 oz/120 ml Cobalt Blue, Amber and Clear Glass Straight Sided Glass Jar Set with Silver Metal Lids + Small Glass Balm Jar and Labels for Travel, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

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  • $ 29.99

  • Includes 4 - 4 oz Clear Glass Straight Sided Jars and 4 - 4 oz Cobalt Glass Straight Sided Jars 4 - 4 oz Amber Glass Straight Sided Jars + Labels and a small glass balm jar
  • Each jar includes Silver Metal F217 Foam Lined Lids for a tight seal
  • True High Quality Dark Amber and Cobalt Blue Glass - NOT painted or coated
  • Dark amber and cobalt blue thick wall glass prevents damage to light sensitive products from sunlight
  • Glass is always an ideal option for essential oil blends that may degrade thin walled plastics