2-Pack of 6 inch Loofah Body Bath Scrub Sponge

SKU: 3W-0273-46S4
  • $ 5.95

Our Juvitus Loofah has been cut into an easy to handle 6" length. Perfect exfoliating shower tool that's gentle enough to use everyday. Buff away the dead skin and impurities from your body to reveal smooth, younger looking skin. JUVITUS has been a premier retailer of health and beauty products since 2008. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality of goods by searching the marketplace for the latest breakthroughs. Once an item is identified, we thoroughly analyze it to ensure it satisfies our stringent quality control standards. The end result is a selection of JUVITUS products designed to fit the needs of our discerning customers. We are so confident that our merchandise will meet or exceed your expectations that we offer a 90 day money-back guarantee on every JUVITUS product we sell.

  • 100% natural fiber loofah sponge
  • Revitalize skin and stimulate blood circulation
  • Not tested on animals. Environmental friendly.
  • Use everyday in the shower to achieve softer, healthier, and cleaner looking skin.

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